Our collection of necklaces with meaningful pendants and unique talismans in a range of different shapes, sizes, and finishes.


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Necklace CleatNecklace Cleat
Necklace Cleat Sale priceFrom $79.00
Necklace BoltNecklace Bolt
Necklace Bolt Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace Sky WheelNecklace Sky Wheel
Necklace Sky Wheel Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace BicycleNecklace Bicycle
Necklace Bicycle Sale priceFrom $59.00
Necklace ChainNecklace Chain
Necklace Chain Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace SkullNecklace Skull
Necklace Skull Sale priceFrom $79.00
Necklace BikeNecklace Bike
Necklace Bike Sale priceFrom $29.00
Necklace Love VeloNecklace Love Velo
Necklace Love Velo Sale price$49.00
Necklace Crank HeartNecklace Crank Heart
Necklace Crank Heart Sale price$49.00
Necklace Chain HeartNecklace Chain Heart
Necklace Chain Heart Sale price$49.00
Necklace BidonNecklace Bidon
Necklace Bidon Sale priceFrom $79.00
Necklace PedalNecklace Pedal
Necklace Pedal Sale price$79.00
Necklace Power/PauseNecklace Power/Pause
Necklace Power/Pause Sale price$49.00
Necklace SPD CleatNecklace SPD Cleat
Necklace SPD Cleat Sale price$69.00
Necklace ClubsNecklace Clubs
Necklace Clubs Sale price$69.00
Necklace Allez AllezNecklace Allez Allez
Necklace Allez Allez Sale price$39.00
Necklace Lightning BoltNecklace Lightning Bolt
Necklace Lightning Bolt Sale price$39.00
Save $10.00
Necklace EyeNecklace Eye
Necklace Eye Sale price$39.00 Regular price$49.00
Necklace Cleat AcetateNecklace Cleat Acetate
Necklace Cleat Acetate Sale price$69.00
Necklace TailwindNecklace Tailwind
Necklace Tailwind Sale priceFrom $39.00