Tips For Choosing The Right Necklace

Tips For Choosing The Right Necklace
Choosing the right necklace for a pendant can enhance the overall look and style of the pendant. Here are some tips to help you choose the right necklace for your Studio 51 pendant:

1. Consider the pendant size and weight: The necklace should be able to support the weight and size of the pendant without overpowering it. If the pendant is large or heavy e.g. like our brass charms or the "Skull XL" , opt for a stronger and longer ball chain to ensure it stays in place.

2. Match the pendant style: Consider the style and design of the pendant. If it has a modern or contemporary look e.g. like the "Lightning Bolt" or "Allez Allez" pendant, a sleek and simple cable chain would complement it well.

3. Metal color: Match the metal color of the necklace to the pendant. If the pendant is made of gold, choose a gold necklace to create a cohesive look. Similarly, if the pendant is stainless steel or silver or has a specific metal color, select a necklace that matches e.g. rose gold pendant with a rose gold necklace. We offer those matching chains automatically for each pendant in the drop down menus.

4. Length of the necklace: Consider the length of the necklace based on your personal preference and the neckline of the outfit you plan to wear it with. For example, a shorter necklace like a choker or princess length (16 or 18 inches) works well with high necklines, while longer necklaces like matinee length (20 to 24 inches) are suitable for lower necklines. 

5. Consider the pendant shape: The shape of the pendant can also influence the necklace choice. For example, a pendant with a round shape might look best with a ball chain that has a similar round link design, while a pendant with a geometric shape might pair better with a more geometric cable chain.

6. Personal style: Ultimately, choose a necklace that aligns with your personal style and complements your overall look. Consider your own preferences, whether you prefer dainty or bold necklaces, and what makes you feel confident and comfortable, on and off the bike. And if you are uncertain what to choose, just contact us for advice.

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