Our 14k gold-plated jewelry is the ultimate choice or gift for those who enjoy modern design and vintage aesthetics. For a look that shines on for many rides to come.


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Necklace CleatNecklace Cleat
Necklace Cleat Sale priceFrom $79.00
Necklace ChainNecklace Chain
Necklace Chain Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace SkullNecklace Skull
Necklace Skull Sale priceFrom $79.00
Necklace BidonNecklace Bidon
Necklace Bidon Sale priceFrom $79.00
Bracelet Love ChainBracelet Love Chain
Bracelet Love Chain Sale price$69.00
Necklace BoltNecklace Bolt
Necklace Bolt Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace Allez AllezNecklace Allez Allez
Necklace Allez Allez Sale price$39.00
Necklace Dossard 51Necklace Dossard 51
Necklace Dossard 51 Sale priceFrom $69.00
Necklace Skull XLNecklace Skull XL
Necklace Skull XL Sale priceFrom $99.00
Necklace BicycleNecklace Bicycle
Necklace Bicycle Sale priceFrom $59.00
Bracelet Love VeloBracelet Love Velo
Bracelet Love Velo Sale price$29.00
String Bracelet HeartString Bracelet Heart
String Bracelet Heart Sale price$25.00
Bracelet StyleBracelet Style
Bracelet Style Sale price$39.00
Necklace ClubsNecklace Clubs
Necklace Clubs Sale price$69.00
Necklace Love VeloNecklace Love Velo
Necklace Love Velo Sale price$49.00
Necklace RIDENecklace RIDE
Necklace RIDE Sale price$39.00
Necklace Lightning BoltNecklace Lightning Bolt
Necklace Lightning Bolt Sale price$39.00
String Bracelet BoltString Bracelet Bolt
String Bracelet Bolt Sale price$25.00
Save $10.00
Necklace Fingers CrossedNecklace Fingers Crossed
Necklace Fingers Crossed Sale price$39.00 Regular price$49.00
Necklace CYCLNecklace CYCL
Necklace CYCL Sale price$39.00
Necklace TailwindNecklace Tailwind
Necklace Tailwind Sale priceFrom $39.00
Necklace Power/PauseNecklace Power/Pause
Necklace Power/Pause Sale price$49.00
Necklace PedalNecklace Pedal
Necklace Pedal Sale price$79.00
Necklace WheelNecklace Wheel
Necklace Wheel Sale price$39.00